"I have seen Juliet Morcas on three separate occasions. I had postmenopausal issues I wished to discuss as well as other concerns. I found her to be knowledgeable, professional, friendly and very easy to talk to. The advice and recommendations she gave to me were extremely helpful."

Lucy Hunn, Camden

"I am pleased to say that after my consultation with Juliet Morcas I am feeling much better, have more energy, through eating a better diet. The recipes she sent me are delicious and mainly very easy. I have learnt a lot about what I was eating before and was surprised to discover my diet was quite unhealthy."

Margaret Mitchell (consultation via skype from Spain)

"Hi Juliet, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much better I feel since starting my nutritional plan with you. I have tons more energy, my skin and eyes are definitely brighter and I feel much more balanced. I always knew deep down that nutrition would be the way to go, but never realized how amazing I would feel, so quickly! I'm also surprised at how easy it's been. Thank you so much."

Kyra Mann, Queens Park London

"I'd been suffering with stomach and digestion problems for quite some time and even though I knew my diet probably wasn't the best, I'd put off doing anything about it. Finally a friend who knew Juliet convinced me to have a consultation with Juliet, who was extremely friendly and professional and was albe to show me how to improve my diet and therefore quality of life in just a few easy to manage ways. Many thanks."

Gregory Cox, Hampstead

"After seeing Juliet Morcas she advised me to cut out certain foods, which really helped me lose weight and feel less bloated. Prior to the consultation I had blotches on my skin and an itchy palm, which she helped with too. I would definitely recommend Juliet to anyone with a health concern."

Nikki Suthayalai

"After my consultation with Juliet Morcas regarding my weight and lack of energy, a health plan was put in place. It is interesting to see how beneficial a change of diet and lifestyle can be, and also to know which are the most nutritious foods to eat. Juliet also recommended supplements including a vitamin B complex to help increasemy energy levels. I felt better in a matter of days, many thanks Juliet."

Clare Wilkin

"Thank you Juliet for your advice and kind words. You provided good advice and confirmed many of my own thoughts."

Ellie Mathews (via Bidvine)